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Default Re: Over the top right wing media

Hannity was over the top with his reference to Obama's Choom gang. But that is no reason to ignore the extremist judge ruling based on partisan hatred of Trump.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson based his decision on, quote, "significant and unrebutted evidence of religious animus."
Hawaii Attorney General On Trump Travel Ban : NPR

The order itself doesn't matter, only the imperial judge's interpretation of Trump's "intent" matters. Just as so-called intent is the magic amulet allowing Hillary to blatantly violate the law with classified materials, interpreting intent now allows a Federal judge to ignore the content of the President's lawful executive order in favor of a state attorney general's partisan hackery. Hillary got a pass from prosecution because she was supposedly unable to form intent despite numerous statements to the contrary but the judge determined he was able to find malicious intent despite its absence from the executive order. Intent is clearly being used as a partisan weapon to further politicize the judiciary.

What Hannity should have pointed out is the radical extremist Leftist in the Hawaiian AG's office. He is a race biter of the first order claiming US AG Jeff Sessions promise to deport violent criminal illegal aliens is a call to create a new master race running everything and would set the country back 75 years to where we had internment camps for the Japanese.

Trump Travel Order Raises Specter of 'Superior Race': Hawaii Attorney General - NBC News

Naturally the intent shown by this craziness on the part of Hawaii's AG was not considered by the partisan Federal judge before he appointed himself as superior to the POTUS.
The Democrat's strategy for the Trump Presidency is the same one used by Stalin's secret police chief "show me the man and I will show you the crime."
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