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Default Re: Somali pirates drown as they flee with ransom

Originally Posted by MrLiberty View Post
Here's a link to the theory that crude oil is NOT organic.....BTW it was a Russian theory. Them damn russkies.

Of course the left wing partisan media will never tell the truth about crude oil, they just repeat the lie that it came from dead dinosaurs.

World Messenger: Crude Oil - organic or non-organic?

OH, as to the OP, I'm glad the pirates got what they truly deserve. To bad the money went down with them.
i saved this knowing I would get a chance to use it... From the Sunday newspaper: Ask Marilyn vos Savant

She disputes the dino's were involved in this oil making period..

She says the living organisms that lived long before the dino's roamed the earth are what produced oil. The planet was warmer, swamps and bogs covered the land and the seas were filled with one cell organisms. This matter was buried as the oceans and rivers dried up. And over eons this material was cooked by pressure into oil and natural gases.

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