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Default Re: Somali pirates drown as they flee with ransom

Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
Not really. Renewables are fine, but will never totally replace Earth oil. Oil btw has nothing to do with dinosaurs or ancient plant life. Nothing, nada....

Oil is created in between the crust of the Earth and the Mantel. It is continuously produced by the heat and pressures found there. It may be in fact the stuff that allows plate tectonics and continental drift... And it is in fact a renewable, as it is being made continuously.

University of Sweden at Stockholm did the research that found no organic matter is required in the production of crud oil. This also explains quite nicely with why we find oil at such great depths. No one could ever explain how organic matter would get 5 miles below the surface. And why we have over 200 years worth of proven reserves already located..

Crazy left wingers are teaching our kids the lie to this day about dinosaurs and oil.

Regards, Kirk
Did I understand the embolden correctly, I wonder?

Hi Kirk. might I ask you this...

Could you provide a link to prove the statement in bold print, please. As this is the first I believe most everyone has heard that we have so much oil and it is ever being renewed!

I mean people in the know write about our lost of everything we gained in today's world if we don't start using this substance a bit wiser.

What is underlined just needs a person to think, 1, when this period was on the surface of our planet and the period it began to be covered over by nature.
2, Lastly the period it took to over cover what was once the surface which is now close to 5 miles under new surfaces.

Crazy left wingers are teaching our kids the lie to this day about dinosaurs and oil.

At least this is how I see it... I might be wrong and can learn if so..

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