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Default Re: Trump passes blame for Yemen raid to his generals: ‘They lost Ryan’

Originally Posted by [QUOTE
FrancSevin;877835]In truth, President Trump never "denied" responsibility.
Yes he did. Do you understand English??
Nor did he take all the credit for an aggressive military action that was successful in it mission goals.
It did not meet it's goals. They didn't get who they planned to get, innocebts were killed as was one of our own. Three other SEALS were wounded. We lost aircraft. The info they recovered as an excuse turns out to be dated and useless. Geez WTF are you talking about?

The mission was planned under the Obama Presidency.
Wrong again. It was considered but not planned. Also Obama didn't approve it. Smart guy.
Trump's acknowledgement of the smooth transition of power (which at the time he believed) was proper and professional.
Who gives shlt what he thinks? Obama has always been a classy guy.
The office of the President was occupied by two men yes, but it was the Office that managed the mission.
Offices don't manage things. People do.
That is how our government works.
But the anti Trump forces played on the ignorance and pettiness of the people who would happily believe maliciousness by our President.
He has it coming.

An the ignorance of elites who would arrogantly post such disrespect with such mendacity
[/QUOTE]What is an elite? Someone smarter than your president?
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