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Default A P.W. Poll about the Hush $ Liberal Groups

Yep we need to do our own POLL, about the Left leaning Liberal Groups and the petty crap they exchange in e-mails, seeking their base pride. But smarter Russian Hackers steal these e-mails and want these group to pay HUSH fund to avoid the release of these e-mails and the the groups would become.

Why do these donors with the cash and supposedly some brains, share crap like this in such insecure ways?

A college diploma and a thousand dollar bill doesn't buy anyone more brain power!

So the poll is your responses to this news article. Each members gets to play but only 3 posts count per member.

Total Posts for either position:

Right: Is the number of posts, that feel this shows how low the Liberals really are! And should stop doing this.

: By the numbers of posts, that feel this is a way which is allowed and is okay.

Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups

by Michael Riley
March 6, 2017, 4:00 AM CST March 6, 2017, 10:07 AM CST

From a section of this news article:
In one case, a non-profit group and a prominent liberal donor discussed how to use grant money to cover some costs for anti-Trump protesters. The identities were not disclosed, and it’s unclear if the protesters were paid.
Yet consider the direction this e-mail was headed. Which is enough to show how low these rich Leftist morns will go .................................................. .....................................

Patriotism means to stand with the country. It does not mean to stand with the President.

Theodore Roosevelt.

Improvise-Adapt-Over Come.

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