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Default A P.W. Poll about the Hush $ Liberal Groups

Yep we need to do our own POLL, about the Left leaning Liberal Groups and the petty crap they exchange in e-mails, seeking their base pride. But smarter Russian Hackers steal these e-mails and want these group to pay HUSH fund to avoid the release of these e-mails and the the groups would become.

Why do these donors with the cash and supposedly some brains, share crap like this in such insecure ways?

A college diploma and a thousand dollar bill doesn't buy anyone more brain power!

So the poll is your responses to this news article. Each members gets to play but only 3 posts count per member.

Total Posts for either position:

Right: Is the number of posts, that feel this shows how low the Liberals really are! And should stop doing this.

: By the numbers of posts, that feel this is a way which is allowed and is okay.

Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups

by Michael Riley
March 6, 2017, 4:00 AM CST March 6, 2017, 10:07 AM CST

From a section of this news article:
In one case, a non-profit group and a prominent liberal donor discussed how to use grant money to cover some costs for anti-Trump protesters. The identities were not disclosed, and it’s unclear if the protesters were paid.
Yet consider the direction this e-mail was headed. Which is enough to show how low these rich Leftist morns will go .................................................. .....................................

_ ... _ Improvise - Adapt - Over Come ... _ ...

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