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Default Re: Thoughts on Arms Ammo Magazine Capacity Legislated Restriction?

Originally Posted by jimbo View Post
Manitou, I didn't get that from the post.

Arguably true but then I've always considered large magazines to be an indicator of poor marksmanship. I was taught to hunt as a boy with a single shot .22 rifle and with only one round you need to be able to hit the target every time. That's marksmanship.

I don't see anything advocating for or against large capacity magazines.

I happen to agree that if you are going to possess and carry, you should perhaps learn to operate.
Yes, learn to operate. It is very stupid to handle a firearm without having a clue, and then shooting yourself in the balls, the ass, the foot, et cetera. But I don't fall for that thing about large magazines being an indicator of poor marksmanship. People do not get to tell me how many bullets my magazine is allowed to hold, whether or not I can, at 200 yards, shoot a flea's ass one time, 20 times, 30 times, how ever many times I pull the trigger.
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