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Default Re: Thoughts on Arms Ammo Magazine Capacity Legislated Restriction?

Originally Posted by Manitou View Post
During a home invasion, I don't believe a homeowner is going to want to depend on that one single shot .22 rifle and with only one round needed to be able to hit the target every time.

Marksmanship my ass.
I get Shiva's point. A well placed shot does far more damage than spraying the walls with a dozen shots. That does not mean that I would be comfortable with a single shot .22 as a defense weapon.

The typical home invasion involves one or a couple thugs entering the home in the middle of the night. Since a reasonably well fit male teen can cover 20 feet in less than a second, you are typically going to get one shot. Possibly two. From the hip. In the dark. You better learn to make it count.
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