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Default Re: I didnít think Iíd ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Gee, a CIA bureaucrat that objects to the President questioning the partisan games played by Obama's intelligence agencies. Add to that how common it is for at least a few people to leave any organization when leadership changes.
Many of the comments I see here from detractors remind me of elementary schoolyard taunts and bullying.

When you all finally realize how badly and permanently Trump has diminished this country, we will still be around to say, loudly, we told you so.

Allegations of the Russian government hackers attacking the pitiful Democrat cyber security successfully is accepted as an article of faith, but the case is built on shaky evidence and supposition at best. CrowdStrike is a top flight cyber security consulting company. APT 28 and 29 are blamed for the hacking.

So, the same group is incredibly sophisticated yet really sloppy covering their tracks. But that's what passes for definitive proof.

The article details more holes in the definitive proof the Russians did it but it is unlikely never Trumpers will bother to read it.
The intercept article is outdated. New evidence was provided in January.
The total number of contacts between the tRUmp team
and Russia-linked operatives that we know about so far is 82.
Among these contacts were 24 meetings
. -- SOURCE --
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