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Default Re: Repeal Obamacare, No Hurry by congress. But it will still fail.

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
How hard is it to grasp the idea that insurers see an opportunity for more profits? The right has not put forth a plan that controls rates. They have not done a thing to address drug costs. They will offer people who have no savings an opportunity for a health savings account but do nothing to control the beast. When will we wise up and go single payer and stop the stupidity. s
Behold the product of cowering behind the ignore list, continuing ignorance. Insurers bail out of Obamacare but they are foregoing a subsidized market to make more profits. it's just easier to demogogue.

Democrats rejected single payer in favor of Obamacare, only Democrats voted for it. But to the King of the Ignore List it's still a politically viable idea.
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