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Default Re: Harward turns down Trump's national security offer

Originally Posted by RedState View Post

Look over these two resumes and guess which one Trump chose.

You don't fuc* with chain-of-command. You tell subordinates what to do, not how to do it.

Refusing to allow Harward to choose his own staff is a sign that Trump will continue to micromanage and politicize the military.

I can imagine this being a deal-breaker for any retired flag officer he tries to appoint to the position, except maybe someone like Petraeus who has nothing to lose.
Apparently a disagreement over policy. Harward, who would be the employee, wanted no input from President Trump, who would be the boss as to how to run his part of the administration.

Regarding your implication that the other choice would have been better, there's this:

McFarland's candidacy was plagued by media and other allegations that she overstated her credentials. The New York Times reported that McFarland's claim that she had written part of Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" speech was false and had actually been written by Reagan's "top national security advisers," which did not include McFarland.[7] Regarding her being the highest ranking woman of her time at the Reagan Pentagon, the newspaper reported that this was also false and that two women at the Pentagon at the time held higher ranks

The left, including you, whose stated goal is is obstruction by any means, would have had a field day with that one.
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