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Default Re: Harward turns down Trump's national security offer

Harward turns down National Security Adviser post - dispute is over Flynn staffers, chief among them Deputy NSA McFarland.

Look over these two resumes and guess which one Trump chose.

You don't fuc* with chain-of-command. You tell subordinates what to do, not how to do it.

Refusing to allow Harward to choose his own staff is a sign that Trump will continue to micromanage and politicize the military.

I can imagine this being a deal-breaker for any retired flag officer he tries to appoint to the position, except maybe someone like Petraeus who has nothing to lose.
People have said not to just dismiss the right as stupid, as it's polarizing and you won't get through to them that way, etc. But it's hard to imagine that someone with even average intelligence could be so lacking in self-awareness as they are.
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