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Default Re: President Trump Prepares to Withdraw from Groundbreaking Climate Change Agreement

Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
Nice picture of China btw. Of course under the rules your crying over, they don't have to abide by them like the USA does do they?

As Jimbo so clearly stated, we have come a huge way in the last 30 years. Huge... But of course those who wish to control our economy and eventually us personally this is not enough. Never mind the so called less developed nations skate free through the regulations we are expected to fallow...

The left wants to let anyone and every one to come here and become voting citizens. And they want to hamstring our economy so other countries that don't have to do the same can eat our lunch and take from us..

And you idiots wonder why Trump won. The left HAS NOT GOT A CLUE..

Regards, Kirk
the economy was fine till reagan, tax cuts for rich (raised on mid class ), and repeal of glass steigal crashed it.
then bush jr cut taxes again and more bored rich expanded overseas without the former incentives that kept them here.
trump is set to do even more, since the way was paved by kílling unions and making environmental & consumer protections irrelevant.
fuging sad days for a once great nation.
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