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Default Re: Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy's dossier on Donald Trump

Originally Posted by Senior View Post
You're being dishonest Jimbo. Give me the post # here in this thread where I personally argued that.

It's surprising that anything about FSB agents being arrested for treason has been released. But the Russian security service (FSB) is calculating. They released what they did for specific (self-serving) reasons. The arrested may be the fall-guys for unknown internal dynamics.


Троянский код: Хакеров и чекистов подозревают в государственной измене и передаче секретных данных американцам

Mystery surrounds death of former KGB chief linked to lurid Trump report

Russians Charged With Treason Worked in Office Linked to Election Hacking - The New York Times

Russia arrests top manager at Kaspersky cybersecurity firm on treason charge, Russian newspaper says
You're correct, sir, it wasn't you. My apologies.
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