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Default Re: Trump faces lawsuit for violating Constitution two days after taking oath

Originally Posted by dabateman View Post
All true here...

Where you are wrong is that you presume THIS President has any influence on the outcome of the case or who hears it.

Trump appointees will not be able hear the case either because they will have been appointed too late, or they will be conflicted out.

So there are no "consequences" of the election in relation to this case.
Oh but he does and there is. The SC is up for grabs immediately. There would likely be a stay since we are talking prosecution of a President. One who controls Congress, DOJ, IRS, FBI. My best guess is assuming these cases are allowed to move forward, they will end up in the SC. Especially since the issue is the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Liberals can whine, they can bitch, they can file meaningless suits, even clog streets with vagina clad protesters and wear ***** hats if so inclined, but the reality in terms of making a difference, they can do very little.
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