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Default Re: After 2016 campaign, more Americans consider Russia a threat: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Originally Posted by Senior View Post
I suggest that you read a few history books to comprehend why Roosevelt considered it critical that Stalin tie up 3,370,000 Nazi troops on the Eastern Front.
Originally Posted by RedState View Post
Well obviously its because FDR and Stalin were secret BFF's. They propably visited each other every weekend and shared wodka tonics and cigars.
Typical childish Leftist false dilema, either FDR was best friends with Stalin or he abandoned him to the Nazis. It is a shoddy rhetorical tactic to avoid discussing FDR'S embrace of Stalin which of course undermines the braying about Trump being a puppet of Putin.

Still the comment unwittingly shows some progress in that it recognizes the US can work together with the Soviets to respond to the greate threat just as Trump envisions possibly working with the Russians to destroy ISIS. Lost in the arrogant instruction to read history and crude attempt at sarcasm is the tacit admission that the criticism of Trump for suggesting we might be able to work more closely with Russia is also a criticism of FDR for doing the same with Stalin.

As I pointed out FDR sent lend lease war fighting materials to Stalin in defiance of US neutrality. FDR had a fond pet name for Stalin "Uncle Joe" . Naturally the NYT did their part with reporter Walter Duranty publishing numerous articles filled with praise for the Soviet paradise while ignoring the brutality of Stalin's famine in the Ukraine. Clearly FDR and the Left held Stalin in high regard. But that doesn’t enter into the blind condemnation of Trump for suggesting we negotiate with the Russians.
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