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Default Trump cancels MLK day visit to African American history museum

Trump cancels MLK day visit to African American history museum

President-elect Donald Trump has canceled his holiday visit to the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture — losing a chance for much-needed goodwill after his feud with a civil rights leader.

The incoming president, who spent this weekend waging a war of words with Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), had planned to visit the national museum in Washington, D.C. on Martin Luther King Day.

But senior level transition sources told ABC News on Sunday the visit is off due to unspecified “scheduling issues.”
Yessssssssss. Scheduling issues.

More like he couldn't show his Cheeto face at a testament to civil rights after taking to a Twitter war against a civil rights leader. But that's okay people. Move along. Nothing to see here...
Continue that line of reasoning, Muffin... I'm judging you. Harshly.

You get the respect you give. And if you're a Republican, you b*tch about paybacks being a b*tch. So sorry you're mad your guy is getting the respect you gave ours, Snowflakes.
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