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Default Re: 4 arrested for live stream abuse of young man

Interesting Oped from Gene Demby coming to grips with this event. According to Demby, It's "discomfiting" because the admission of racism seems to "cede at least some moral authority" to the other side. I included a segment of the piece below.

A Discomfiting Question: Was The Chicago Torture Case Racism? : Code Switch : NPR

In conversations about this case with friends and colleagues of color, I noticed that folks were straining mightily to avoid using the word racism, as if saying it might be an admission of something. I was squirming right along with them, and it took me awhile to figure out why.

In some ways, this case being called a "hate crime," while a legal designation, might give people a rhetorical reprieve, as it allows us to talk about bias and violence without having to fight over the definition of racism.

It reminded me of something Phillip Atiba Goff, who runs the Center for Policing Equity at John Jay College, told me a few weeks ago. "One of the most important achievements of the Civil Rights Movement was to take the authority over moral character away from white men," Goff told me. "There's no credential that [restores it] having a black friend or relative is not sufficient."

Before then, white people were the only ones who could define what was righteous and correct often at the expense of the rights and safety of black Americans. Goff said that the casting of racism as an evil worthy of condemnation made all the ways white people expressed their bigotry taboo. Those taboos are, in part, what people are referring to when they rail against political correctness. And while those new constraints certainly didn't end racism, they suppressed behaviors that created space for people of color to live more fully in America.
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