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Default Re: An AR-15 in Every Home

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
I know if I am going bird hunting I am taking a shotgun. If I am going deer hunting I would probably choose a 30.06. But I don't hunt much at all and haven't in many years. I don't need a side arm. Concealed or not. I bought a Mossberg Semiautomatic shotgun in 1999. It was for my wife because I wanted her to be able to make a lot of noise if she needed to fire it. We lived in the country and I was traveling a lot overseas. When I divorced her I gave her the gun. We never fired it. It was in it's case under the bed. Last time I went hunting a shotgun went off accidentally as I was getting in the pick up. Another guy was laying his gun down in the back of the truck. Boom, right through the back of the cab of the truck. The pellets even dented the gas tank. Missed me by about two feet. That was all I need to see. Haven't been hunting since then. That was around 1974. Shooting mud hens of all things. Ridiculous.
Well guns aren't for you then; they're not your thing. Nothing wrong w that. But don't project that onto others ...
What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand???
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