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Default Re: Obama urged Clinton to concede on election night

Originally Posted by MrLiberty View Post
I kinda feel sorry for the deluded idiot. She is raising money left and right and the majority of it goes to attorney's. I do believe there are big money hillary donors giving her money, or maybe just George soros. Why they would waste their money on something that ain't gonna change is just stupid.

The Mysterious Case Of Jill Stein's Surging Recount Costs | Zero Hedge

Video at site.
Well to be fair this is a person who thinks Wi-Fi gives children cancer sooooooo...

I'm fine with recounts in close states, and I'd be fine if the shoe were on the other foot and Trump lost a close one and wanted recounts too, but it's really, really, really, really unlikely to change anything, much less flip the election to Hillary.
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