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Default Re: California Is The Best State

I think you are right to stay there. BTW there seems to be plenty of gun ownership in California so it doesn't look like anyone has been hurting in that regard. Also, the states with the largest percentage of gun deaths are mostly all Republican strongholds so I can see why you need to be armed so heavily. California is one of the lowest ranked in gun violence while your neighbor to the south is one of the highest. Fact is left leaning states are much safer than right leaning states.

For 2013, the 10 states with the highest firearm age-adjusted death rates were: Alaska (19.8), Louisiana (19.3), Mississippi (17.8), Alabama (17.6), Arkansas (16.8), Wyoming (16.7), Montana (16.7), Oklahoma (16.5), New Mexico (15.5) and Tennessee (15.4).

The 10 states with the lowest firearm age-adjusted death rates were, starting with the lowest: Hawaii (2.6), Massachusetts (3.1), New York (4.2), Connecticut (4.4), Rhode Island (5.3), New Jersey (5.7), New Hampshire (6.4), Minnesota (7.6), California (7.7) and Iowa (8.0).

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I don't know Mikeyy. It would scare me to live in a state where the elected officials pass gun laws for the citizens and subsequently exempt themselves from those very same laws. I think I'm better off here in NC.
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