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Default Re: BP makes "giant" oil find in Gulf of Mexico

Originally Posted by Michael1 View Post
Oh, c'mon.

You started this by trumpeting more jobs.

Surely you weren't drunk.

I'm simply saying that there is value to continued oil exploration and that WHOO-HOO, this means good things (in your opinion, jobs).

I even stated that this was a good thing (like YOU did) and opined that it would help ease our way into more renewable sources of energy.

I simply don't understand why you are attacking me.
I agree with the rest of your previous statement. But...

Cap and trade is dead in the water!

Made me stop and think, we should use this as a reprieve and still march forward to renewables. Maybe this will help us get our house in order that way. I just hope the government and our citizenry use the same caution.
Texas is boom bust boom bust. And that's OK as long as there's something further to boom about. I guess I'm just a nervous Nelly.

This won't affect the economy in any region for 5 more years, but it is good news and I shall refrain from dark thoughts for now.
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