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Default Re: BP makes "giant" oil find in Gulf of Mexico

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
Like people who decide to get drunk instead of pay the rent, then get a reprieve from the land lord and in 30 days just get drunk again?
Oh, c'mon.

You started this by trumpeting more jobs.

Surely you weren't drunk.

I'm simply saying that there is value to continued oil exploration and that WHOO-HOO, this means good things (in your opinion, jobs).

I even stated that this was a good thing (like YOU did) and opined that it would help ease our way into more renewable sources of energy.

I simply don't understand why you are attacking me.
Dudes ... you're just NOT THAT MUCH ****ING SMARTER than all of us. GET OVER YOURSELVES!
-- Me, to President Obama and the rest of his self-loving amateur staff.

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