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Default Re: AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
Your confused again, My post did not say anything about the NSA. And I also didn't tell anyone what they think. But I did ask a question.
Perhaps you're confused. Not just on "your" vs "you're", but also on the fact that I responded with a question.
So to play your game, I also didn't assume what you were doing, eh?

And in addition, the NSA is just an example of the wider problem which both the right and the left should have bipartisan voter agreement. An elaboration to your comment on how the left feels about this issue.
That much should have been clear.

What bores me about your response is that this issue (governmental privacy violations) is one we actually have the right and the left voters agreeing on. But neither side can get any traction for fixing the problem because we're mired in meaningless partisan b.s. on other issues. Even though the problem is long-standing, neither elected official party is willing to do honor the will of the voters.
And the only politician who was interested in addressing the problem was Bernie, who is now long out of the picture. Even the "outsider" has shown no interest in addressing the problem.
But I guess some posters just want to post meaningless partisan snark...
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