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Default Re: BP makes "giant" oil find in Gulf of Mexico

Originally Posted by Michael1 View Post
Not sure exactly what you're getting at. BP is an international company: allows me to believe this multi-national is truly a multi-national. You seem to think that only British people own it, that only British people work for it, and that it's like the Russians or Venezuelans staking a claim to oil. Luckily, we and the Brits haven't NATIONALIZED. Methinks you have no idea how private international corporations operate in the least bit.

Furthermore, and on a good note:

Sounds like good long-term news.


Deep sea exploration by non-nationalized oil firms is certainly still an important, integral piece toward our gradual transition toward more renewable energy sources. We should all admit this..., and not merely keep burying our heads in the sand of 'no more drilling' and 'carbon taxes on only the developed countries, wimply compliant'.

Cap and trade is dead in the water!
Like people who decide to get drunk instead of pay the rent, then get a reprieve from the land lord and in 30 days just get drunk again?
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