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Default Re: The truth on how the Violence came to Palestinian

Originally Posted by Pretty Flamingo View Post
Gosh there are some ignorant people on this forum. How many times I have posted that Israel is fully entitled to Judea and Samaria according to international law and you lot totally ignore it in your dislike for the Jewish state. Why not concern yourself with other countries and leave Israel alone. You pick on Israel for whatever reason, when it is none of your business.
Read this, PF:
The Green Line is Israel's contested boundary with the Palestinian territories. Shortly after the Six-Day War of 1967, Israel extended the Jerusalem Municipality's city limits and applied its laws, jurisdiction, and administration to East Jerusalem and the surrounding area. In 1980, the Knesset passed the Jerusalem Law, declaring Jerusalem to be the "complete and united" capital of Israel. The Israeli government offered the Palestinian residents citizenship, most of whom refused, and are treated today as permanent residents under Israeli law. According to the Israeli rights organisation Hamoked, if these Palestinians live abroad for seven years, or gain citizenship or residency elsewhere, they lose their Israeli residency.

The purported annexation of East Jerusalem was condemned by the United Nations Security Council as "a violation of international law" and declared "null and void" in United Nations Security Council Resolution 478 and has not been recognized by the international community; no country has its embassy in Jerusalem. Instead, the embassies are located in Tel Aviv, whilst Jerusalem remains home to many consulates

The boundaries of a future Palestinian State, vis-a-vis Israel, are subject to ongoing negotiations in the Israel–Palestinian peace process. Israel's West Bank Wall, which encompasses almost all Israeli settlements, including all three major cities, and only a minor Palestinian population, was declared by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as running roughly along the future borders of Israel[citation needed]. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman proposed that the Arab-Israeli border region known as the Triangle be removed from Israeli sovereignty and transferred to the Palestinian Authority, in exchange for the border settlement blocs. The Palestinian Authority claims all of these territories (including East Jerusalem) for a future Palestinian State, and its position is supported by the Arab League in the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative which calls for the return by Israel to "the 1967 borders". While Israel has expressed desire to annex the border settlement blocs and keep East Jerusalem, its border with Gaza has largely been solidified, especially following Israel's withdrawal in 2005. Israel has not made claims to any portion Gazan territory and offered the entire area to Palestinians as part of the 2000 Camp David Summit.

At the same time, Israel has continued to claim a nominal strip on the border between the West Bank and Jordan, and between Gaza and Egypt as its border with those countries. This is viewed as a legalistic device to enable Israel to control the entry of people and materials into the Palestinian territories.

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