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Default Re: The truth on how the Violence came to Palestinian

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
Yet as a Nation they are considered of Jewish Heritage, right? After all Bodo when this topic comes up it is always this Nation vs. that group and one never
picks the few out of either group/Nation.

Also I believe salty does understand the situation in which both groups have failed to reach any accord, much less decide on the shape of the table... She knows how much Israel has given up in trying to reach a peace deal.

While the other side has given up nothing and continued to make more demands.... A people IMHO
yeah Israel negotiated with Arafat? no they didn't; those guys were war mongers on both sides. but the politics is still there preventing peace.
And Palestine is a concentration camp or apartheid.
And Israel keeps taking more and more territory.
The UN or other like unit of nations can decide for them or pull the heck out. We do need to talk with Russia and Iran to get them on board and say "We are all tired of defending each of you spoiled brats," Get over it or allies and foes are leaving and "we're taking our defense and offense with us. good luck!"
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