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Default The truth on how the Violence came to Palestinian

About the ever present question about why the conflict between the Jewish nation and the Arabs simply know as The Palestinian Question. And relates to the many years of violence between a large number of Palestinian's of today and the Jewish Nation.
And whom started the use of violence as it was very peaceful in the area at this time.

Well it goes back to when the Nazi's were a growing threat to any German Jew.
Around 1937 onward.
Some Jews slowly were getting back to the area of Israel then called by the Arabs as Palestinian, and the British had appointed a title of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to (al Quds) Haj Amin al-Husseini, and at this time as in the past
there was no violence involved in the question of land for Jews. Quite simply the question was to be settled by treaty using words not guns.

Except the Grand Mufti was trying to gain support for the use of violence and from 1937 to 1945 he had gotten around 5,000 Arabs killed by mostly the British forces.
Some time in the year 1939 he contacted someone high in the Nazi Party to express support for Hitler and the Jewish Question.

The Nazi's got together with the Grand Mufti and others for mutual support and for the Nazi's have the British Forces engaged in the Middle East at the proper time so that Hitlers plan invasion of Russia wouldn't be upset by the British Forces in England.


Also take a pick from these choices:

See I have seen this show before on this topic but by the time I got to PW I had forgotten much of it as now.. Hey I am old.

But this time I did a search for the information.

I sure hope the hard core Left read and understand this... Cause sooner or later this topic of the violence between the Jew's & Palestinian's will return.
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