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Default Re: Eight states in which Obamacare rates are rising by at least 30 percent

Originally Posted by Mellon_Collie View Post
If it was laid out according to "Ayn Radians" plans would not be locked to each state but would go nation wide so that the unhealthy states are balenced by the heather ones, you know the way insurance works when it does.
This has been suggested before by Republicans but there's an inherent problem with the proposal.

Currently the states have regulatory authority over health insurance plans that are issued within the state and the state regulations can and do conflict with those in other states.

To go "national" requires the federal government to over-ride state insurance regulations with nationalized health insurance regulation.... that the Republicans oppose.

Effectively if Republicans want to propose this option the first step they need to take is to create federal health insurance regulations that over-ride any existing state health insurance regulation. When they've done that then they can get back to us on health insurance being available across state lines. Until they do that they're just blowing smoke up the rectal cavities of the American people.
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