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Post Re: Clinton Probably Finished Off Trump Last Night

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Trump represents every anger and frustration that bipartisan government dysfunction has created in the people they swore to represent. That's why he is still standing.
I think many Trump voters are angry and frustrated. I think they feel that way over government dysfunction created in the people they swore to represent.

But Trump as a candidate reminds me of a joking comment on the submarine.
"The fire has been put out by the flooding." (i.e. trading in one disaster for another)

How does anybody think Trump is a solution to ANY of the above?
Trump represents his own brand of egotistical dysfunction. He can't work with people who disagree with him. The slightest perceived offense, even by a gold-star family, results with him going on the attack regardless of what should actually be his priority at the time.
Anybody who thinks Trump is actually concerned with the American people are deluding themselves.

With Trump, it wouldn't even be a situation of "The fire has been put out by the flooding."
Trump has given no semblance of an idea of how to deal with what you described as a problem.
It would be more of a situation of "The fire and the flooding are now tweeting angrily back and forth while they both destroy the submarine"
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