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Default Re: Eight states in which Obamacare rates are rising by at least 30 percent

Originally Posted by Mikeyy View Post
Insurance premiums were going up 12% per year before Obamacare. Think about what your premiums were and what they would be now had Obamacare not passed. Doubled easily. Plus you would have less benefits.
and sense this fool of a everyone gets some health Care with Obama (loves you to much) Care plan made with doctors, lawyers, Ins., & Health Care Providers at the same table all in lock step to make lots more money.

To sell it the W.H. & the Presidents Team of shifty operators lied while smiling and they didn't know the details..

Yet knew how this game was played, I rub your back & you scratch my brass balls. And the public while paying for it gets the load...

What that all means is it was decide at that table now INS., Premiums would now go up 15% to 30% on average each year.

And even this plan left millions without Health Ins.

Instead of saying we blew it and admitting to make medicine socialized, restricts the advancement of medicine and places control in the hands of Administrators of Health Care Plans.

Both which are wrong...
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