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Default Re: Clinton Probably Finished Off Trump Last Night

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
I just explained to you how that is a naive opinion.

Republicans nominated the one candidate worse than the democrat one.
his unfitness to be anywhere near the red button outweighs her baggage. yes
And I don't agree. Between an open unsecured server in her home and her loose cannon bragging to impress the masses about her experience she is not very discrete. Strange for such a secretive person to be so fast and loose with state secrets and confidential matters. Stranger still that her fans think it is okay because her royal highness did it.

As for the Republican nominee, he is the mirror image of the anti establishment candidate the progressives behind Hillary skunked behind his back and that of the voters who supported Bernie Sanders. Such shenanigans went on at the GOP but THE Donald prevailed.
The Republican and Democratic parties have stood in the way of conservatives on both parties who have had enough of the Bullsh!t from both party establishment elites. Hillary represents everything wrong with Washington from either major party.

Trump represents every anger and frustration that bipartisan government dysfunction has created in the people they swore to represent. That's why he is still standing.

It will take more than dirty tricks, hired bused in protestors, and civil unrest to put him down. Because that lawless corruption of the Republic is what to what the people of this Nation object. IOn election day Trump will still be standing. Come November 8th we will not be taking the measure of the man but the measure of our nation. Going forward, the integrity of Hillary or Trump will be the color of the integrity of our nation
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