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Default Re: Wiki Leaks confirms Hillary sold weapons to ISIS!

Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
Hang her by the end of a rope for treason, and we most certainly will.

Regards, Kirk
Let's deal with the absurdity of the last part of the "misinformation" campaign, conspiracy theories, and illogical lack of reasoning because it's the best part.

The conclusion by the FBI was that there wasn't any nefarious attempt by Hillary Clinton to hide any emails related to State Department business, that the law requires her to turn over to the Stated Department, nor was she ever misleading in her statements to the FBI about the emails.
That is why the FBI let Hilary dstroy evidence. the fix was in. and we ALL know it.
Nothing was destroyed by Hillary Clinton at all because she never even reviewed any of the 62,000 emails (probably on advice of council just to avoid this stupid allegation) and there was no attempt by anyone to destroy any evidence by her lawyers. Her lawyers reviewed all 62,000 (based upon Subject) and destroyed roughly 32,000 emails they believed to be personal that she had every right to destroy. The FBI has found copies of most of them and they were reviewed prior to the termination of the investigation because they provided enough information for the FBI to determine a criminal act didn't occur.

But of course, for a brain dead Republican this implies that every person working on the Hillary Clinton investigation at the FBI, all of those working on the case at DOJ, FBI Director Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton and his former aide, the FBI security for Loretta Lynch, a top law enforcement officer that had personal knowledge of the meeting with Lynch and Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch's husband... but wait, let's not forget the State Department's security team that spent countless hours pouring over the tens of thousands of Hillary Clinton emails (costing taxpayers a metric butt-load of taxpayer money because of the "conservative" witch hunt)... and what the hell, let's also include the Republicans and Democrats on House Investigation Committee on Benghazi "claimed" Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong related to the Benghazi terrorist attack... this has to include hundreds off people, they've all been secretly involved, without one single leak, in protecting Hillary Clinton from prosecution for an unknown criminal act that didn't have anything to do with her emails or performance as Sect of State.

We know exactly what her careless handling of classified material warranted because FBI Director Comey actually stated what someone at the FBI, that was as careless as Hillary Clinton would face as "punishment" for that carelessness:

“Well, I'm a lawyer, I'm an investigator and I'm, I hope, a normal human being,” Comey said, as Chaffetz said, “Do you really believe there should be no consequence for Hillary Clinton in how she dealt with this?”
“Well, I didn't say — I hope folks remember what I said on Tuesday. I didn't say there's no consequence for someone who violates the rules,” Comey said. “There are often very severe consequences in the FBI involving their employment, involving their pay, involving their clearances. That's what I, that's what I said on Tuesday, and I hope folks walk away understanding just because someone's not prosecuted for mishandling classified information, that doesn't mean if you work in the FBI, there aren’t consequences for it.”
If Clinton or anybody had done what the former secretary of state had at the FBI under the established fact pattern, Comey said there “would be a security review” and that “a range of discipline could be imposed from termination to reprimand and in between, suspensions, loss of clearance."
"So you could be walked out, or you could be, depending upon the nature of the facts, you could be reprimanded," Comey said. "There is robust process to handle that.”

Read more: 15 most revealing moments from Comey's testimony on Clinton emails - POLITICO
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Originally Posted by 300 H and H View Post
There's no evidence even suggesting that the investigation by the FBI under FBI Director Comey (a former Republican and Bush Administration appointee) supervision occurred.
Absolut none sense. There is so much evidence we are still talking about it, and Wiki Leaks is merely confirming ALL our suspicions.
Bottom Line: Regardless of any Democrats with delusional beliefs and/or supported conspiracy theories, the fact is that Hillary Clinton has NOT been cleared of any criminal acts related to her email.

Get over it and move on.............
The obvious question is, evidence of what? It sure didn't have anything to do with classified information in the emails because those emails were not all deleted. So guilty of what?

(Republicans don't know of course so the response, if any, will be, "We don't have a clue but it's Hillary Clinton so she has to be guilty of something because she (her lawyers) deleted her personal emails. Maybe she's a lesbian-biker-chick that drinks beer and we don't know about it yet.!)

There so much evidence that we know that the only people that are still talking about it are the morons that believe "Imperial Majesty Moron Donald Trump" that keeps repeated the same old lies that have been disproven by the massive amount of evidence and then creating the most unbelievable conspiracy theories out of thin air that allegedly require everyone in the United States to pull of. The rest of us just keep in disbelief that people can be so ignorant while pointing out the actual facts to disprove the same old misinformation that's being repeated for the umpteenth time. Perhaps we're really the dumb ones because we know, based upon all of the evidence, that a Republican will never let the facts get in the way of their delusional thinking when it comes to Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, or Democrats in general.

I don't like Hillary Clinton for the things she's done while Republicans hate her for things they invent out of thin air because the facts don't support the wild and insane allegations Republicans make up.

As far as I know WikiLeaks isn't providing evidence of anything. No one here has shown me the email where Hillary Clinton said she knowingly sent weapons to an organization that didn't even exist (ISIS) when she was Sect of State.

Of course the US sending weapons to groups that commit acts of terrorism isn't new. The Bush Administration, following the invasion of Iraq, sent weapons to the Kurds that included the PKK, a Kurdish terrorist group in Iraq. As far as I know every administration has sent weapons to terrorist groups as long as "they were on our side" for the moment. In Syria all of the rebel groups were "on our side" in our attempt to help overthrow Assad. We didn't seem overly concerned until the Islamic State of Iraq recruited more members from Syria and Created the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in 2014, THE YEAR AFTER HILLARY CLINTON WAS NO LONGER SECRETARY OF STATE.

So what does Wikileaks prove? It proves that Republicans can't even read a calendar.
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