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Default Re: ‘It will be a bloodbath’: Inside the Kansas militia plot to ignite a religious wa

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
So calling the group by their name is a bias against Christians?
Not necessarily...

The ONLY thing I was doing was rebut f66's comments...

Originally Posted by foundit66
F***** liberal media.
NOWHERE in there do they state the religion of the attempted assailants.

They ALWAYS try to cover it up the religion of these people...
By mentioning that these people called themselves "The Crusaders" right off the bat, they DID point out the religion of these three scum...

If they called themselves "The Jihadi Nation", you'd know the religion...

If they called themselves "The Royal Synagogue of Zion", you'd know the religion...

If they called themselves "Brigham Young's Soldiers", you'd know the religion...

Just because they didn't use the actual word "Christian" doesn't mean not enough information was given to show they were Christians...

Pointing out their name was "The Crusaders" in the very first two words of the article shows that their was NO cover was suggested in the post I was responding to...

Now compare that to articles where an attacker yelled "allahu akbar" before murdering someone but that little tidbit is OMITTED and you learn that elsewhere...THAT is a blatant cover up...
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