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Default Re: Beck A Ratings Giant.......

Originally Posted by foundit66 View Post
But hey. If you want to discuss something, let's talk about his b.s. where he calls the president a racist.
And then less than a minute later, Beck argues that was not what he was saying...
I catch Glenn Beck's TV show only occasionally; so I did not see either.

Can you provide me the exact quotes (not some paraphrase) of the words in question? Better yet, a video of them.

(For the record, I believe the that First Lady is assuredly a racist--except, perhaps, by the left's preferred definition of the word, which will not allow for anyone who is not in a position to "oppress" others to be guilty of racism--but it less clear to me whether or not President Obama is racist also. His former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, surely was--and, presumably, still is--but whether the benighted views of The Reverend closely reflect the views of Barack Obama, or the latter merely used his church association to advance his Chicago political fortunes, is open to conjecture.)
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