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Default Re: Beck A Ratings Giant.......

What does Beck do? But act like everyone is out to get him or ruin "His" country? Paranoia,,,Look it up
Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
Perhaps it was for his alcoholism. He has freely admitted to his being a recovering alcoholic. (It has been my experience that those on the left tend to be very compassionate toward recovering alcoholics; except, of course, for those with whom they disagree...)

It seems to be a staple of many on the left nowadays: Try to demonize (and thereby destroy) those of different political views, rather than engaging them in reasoned debate.

I will leave it for others to decide what this says about the relative strength (or the lack thereof) of the left's chief arguments.

In any case, this is not the first thread in which I have found an apparent proclivity, on your part, for the use of the dismissive term, "paranoia."
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