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Default Re: Beck A Ratings Giant.......

Are you a paranoid from a family of mental cases? That is Beck. He is nuts. I am truly amazed at the fact that people are attracted to him. What the hell is with people lately? This hate stuff is going to rip the country apart. It seems to be beyond control. People are showing up at rallies with guns. Making moronic comments about what the POTUS wants to do. And they do it under the guise that they are the downtrodden. Beck is going to get someone hurt. His mother and brother commited suicide. His whole family is a wreck. And people follow this nut who breaksdown on a regular basis on TV? What a mess the right is, And dangerous to the rest of us.
Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
I agree with this comment. The rebuttal (by whichever party is out of office at the moment) seems gratuitous; and it is invariably self-serving, rather than its being a careful and thoughtful analysis of the president's remarks.

As for the main topic of the thread, however, I very much like Glenn Beck. (We are not identical in our political philosophies--I think it would be fair to describe him as a libertarian, whereas I am more of a right-wing populist, with undertones of several other varieties of conservatism--but I most often agree with him. And I certainly respect him.)
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