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Default Re: Beck A Ratings Giant.......

I've only caught bits of him on the Internet blogs and such.
I like Charlie Rose as an interviewer. I don't like any "commentators". I watch CSpan every now and then. I don't like commentary, unless it is a rare funny or timely piece done by a thoughtful, intelligent journalist.

When the President has a state of the union address, I don't like watching the "rebuttal". I watched it a few times and it always seems the other side (no matter who it is) is whining. And they never used to have "rebuttals" to the state of the union. Weird.

Can't stand that guy y'all say has a "man crush" on Obama. (can't think of his name). I used to like him, but his blatant partisanship is getting kind of disgusting.
Oberman I watch only when I have to. he's comedy relief, I guess. The Foxx woman whats-her-name is hard to look at even for another woman. They are all biting over there.

They can have the infotainment news.
I guess I'll stick with Jim Lehrer.
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