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Default Re: No One Should Be Above the Law

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Indeed Comey did give Hillary a get out of jail free card but only after cataloging her extensive criminal activity.
More right-wing horse manure. Hillary Clinton didn't engage in extensive criminal activities.

There was a very limited amount of classified information and almost no secret materials found in her emails and, to the best of our knowledge, none of this information was shared with anyone outside of the government. Everyone it was shared with had the security clearance and the need to know necessary for the classified and secret information contained. All of it related to the conducting of State Department business.

Hillary Clinton was attempting to do her job as the Secretary of State and that makes a huge difference in evaluating the case. Yes, there were minor lapses because inappropriate information was included in emails but those lapses didn't warrant prosecution under the law.

If you actually studied the law you would know that government officials are often protected from criminal prosecution for minor inadvertent violations of the law in the performance of their duties. They can be open to civil prosecution but not to criminal prosecution in many cases. Hillary Clinton committed minor inadvertent violations of the law in the performance of her duties as Sect of State.
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