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Default Re: No One Should Be Above the Law

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
There is no comparison between the treatment of General Petraeus and Hillary Clinton. As the former commander of US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as CIA director, Petraeus was a threat to Obama's retreat and defeat strategy. What better way to neutralize the threat than to discredit him with a criminal conviction for violating national security. Despite the abundant and irrefutable evidence of Hillary's and the absence of a requirement for intent Hillary has suffered not so much as an indictment for her massive breach of national security. The difference in treatment should surprise no one, Hillary is far better connected politically.
Only the first sentence of this is accurate. The rest is BS partisan lies.

There was a huge difference between Petraeus and Clinton of course.

Petraeus turned over nine volumes of his personal journals that contained massive amounts of secret and even top secret information to a civilian outside of the government that didn't have either the security clearance or the need to know this information.

Hillary Clinton included a very limited amount of classified and even a more limited number of secret information in email correspondence with those in our government that had both the security clearance and the need to know in the performance of her duties as the Secretary of State.

The levels of the violations of the law between Petraeus and Clinton could be compared, by analogy, as the difference between a boulder to a grain of sand.

Even Fox News, the mouthpiece of the Republican Party, openly admitted there was no comparison between the Petraeus investigation where prosecution was warranted and the Clinton investigation where no prosecution was warranted.

Similarities lacking in Clinton, Petraeus investigations | Fox News

This crap that there was any political involvement, bias, interventionism, or influence is pure right-wing horse manure. The cases are vastly different from a legal standpoint.
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