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Default Senior GOP Officials Exploring Options if Trump Drops Out

Republican officials are exploring how to handle a scenario that would be unthinkable in a normal election year: What would happen if the party's presidential nominee dropped out?

ABC News has learned that senior party officials are so frustrated — and confused — by Donald Trump's erratic behavior that they are exploring how to replace him on the ballot if he drops out.

Donald Trump's behavior has been so erratic in recent days it has lead many on both the left and rigth to believe that Trump might simply be insane.

Is Donald Trump insane?

That’s the question being asked in recent days by prominent columnists, both liberal and conservative, about the Republican presidential nominee.

“During the primary season, as Donald Trump’s bizarre outbursts helped him crush the competition, I thought he was being crazy like a fox,” Eugene Robinson wrote in an op-ed (“Is Donald Trump just plain crazy?”) published Tuesday in the Washington Post.

“Now I am increasingly convinced that he’s just plain crazy,” Robinson continued. “I’m serious about that. Leave aside for the moment Trump’s policies, which in my opinion range from the unconstitutional to the un-American to the potentially catastrophic. At this point, it would be irresponsible to ignore the fact that Trump’s grasp on reality appears to be tenuous at best.”

“One wonders if Republican leaders have begun to realize that they may have hitched their fate and the fate of their party to a man with a disordered personality,” Robert Kagan, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, wrote in a separate Washington Post editorial on Monday. “We can leave it to the professionals to determine exactly what to call it. Suffice to say that Donald Trump’s response to the assorted speakers at the Democratic National Convention has not been rational.”

Vox founder Ezra Klein made a similar observation following Trump’s press conference the day after last month’s Republican National Convention. Instead of focusing on a unifying message, Trump resurfaced the debunked conspiracy theory that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s father was linked to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“Have we stopped to appreciate how crazy Donald Trump has gotten recently?” Klein asked.

“Yes, Donald Trump is crazy,” Steven Hayes added last week in the conservative Weekly Standard. “And, yes, the Republican party owns his insanity.”

“I almost don’t blame Trump,” David Brooks wrote in the New York Times on July 29. “He is a morally untethered, spiritually vacuous man who appears haunted by multiple personality disorders. It is the ‘sane’ and ‘reasonable’ Republicans who deserve the shame.”

It’s not just op-ed columnists questioning Trump’s sanity.

... billionaire, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, also questioned Trump’s sanity.

“Donald initially — I really hoped he would be something different, that as a businessperson, I thought there was an opportunity there,” Cuban told CNN while campaigning with Clinton in his hometown of Pittsburgh on Saturday. “But then he went off the reservation and went bats*** crazy.”

“We can gloss over it, laugh about it, analyze it,” Stuart Stevens, chief strategist to Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, wrote on Twitter. “But Donald Trump is not a well man.”
Trump, in the past, was categorized as being a classic example of a person with narcissistic mental disorder. Now some are questioning whether he also suffers from a severe form of paranoid personality disorder based upon recent and past behavior. He would not be alone because other famous people, such as Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Richard Nixon also suffered from this mental disorder that separates the person from reality.

The reason that the GOP leadership is concerned are the recent Donald Trump statements that the general election is going to be rigged.

Trump: 'I'm afraid the election's going to be rigged'

Of course the general election will not be rigged and only a delusional person would make such a claim.

This is a classic sign of a paranoid personality disorder where the person never sees themselves as being responsible but instead invent conspiracies in their mind to explain their failures. It's always "someone was out to get me" whenever they fail. In Trump's delusional mind he's already fabricating a reason why he can't win in November and that same delusional belief could result in him withdrawing as the Republican nominee. "Why play if everyone is out to get me and I can't win?" or that's the thinking of a person that invents paranoid beliefs to explain their own failures.

I can understand why the GOP leadership is concerned with Trump's irrational and erratic behavior. Trump's behavior reflects the delusional thinking of a person that is very much out of touch with reality.
"I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it's dirty on the inside." Donald Trump

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