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Default Re: Trump Says He Wanted to 'Hit a Couple of [DNC] Speakers So Hard'

Trump is a smart guy. You do not amass the amount of money he has by being stupid. He has dealt with people all around the world, and he hasn't hit a soul, nor has anyone come out and say he is racist. Pretty remarkable if you ask me, since he started running for president the DNC and the MSM have done every thing in their power to paint him as some whack job.

Right now he is pandering for votes. With every issue he speak to he does so in plain english, not politicaleze. He is speaking to different constituencies and does in a manner that has upset the elites in both parties and the media.

With that said, I do believe if he does win the White House he will become much more diplomatic so as to not sully the office itself. I'm sure he will have his gaffs, but so did Bush and God knows obama and Biden were a comedy team.

My two cents for what its worth.
Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

Donald Trump
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