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Default Re: Kentucky judge refuses to marry atheist couple because they donít mention God in

Originally Posted by Joe Shoe View Post
You're missing the issue here.
The judge was willing to do the ceremony--it was the couple that refused it because the judge always mentions GOD in his ceremonies.

Kentucky Judge Refuses to Conduct Secular Wedding Ceremony for Couple
"She just had one request for County Judge Executive Hollis Alexander: Because she and her fiancť were both non-religious, they didnít want any mention of God in the ceremony."
There is every reason to believe that the judge would have indeed done it if they hadn't been so hung up on the wording. The issue here is REALLY about whether a judge has to abide by every single aspect of wording of those wanting to get married.
No, you're missing the issue. Mentioning God by a government official in his official capacity or denying services based on any religious preference is a violation of the first amendment. It was the judge that was hung up on the wording. The judge does not have to abide by the couples preference, but he does have to abide by the law.

An anecdote and a possible solution. My first marriage took place in Heidelberg, Germany. Two ceremonies. The first by the German government. That's the only one that legally mattered. The second by a military chaplain. For show only, but a certificate was issued. The Germans didn't give a crap about this one. But it made the parents feel better.
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