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Default Re: Judge Dismisses Bogus Charge Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parentho

I see from Founds last post that he's in FULL ON "ANY ECUSE" is a valid excuse for PP mode.

but i did want to
respond to those that might have honest question

NANCY's Story of Abortion at PP Clinic.

I said I didn’t want to sign it (the fetal tissue donation consent form) and they said I had to or I couldn’t have the abortion. I didn’t want my baby to be used for scientific research and I was told, “Don’t worry, it’s not a baby.” I told her I had two daughters already and I knew what a baby was. She said, “We don’t think its a baby.”

I had changed my mind. I was looking for a way out of going through with the abortion, so I thought about just not signing the (fetal tissue donation) consent form. But the Planned Parenthood Staffer told me “what you think of as a “baby” will be used for something good.” So I signed the form. I was on the table, but wanted to leave and I was pushed back down. They said it was too late to change my mind.

The cramping was horrible… After the machine was finally turned off, the doctor took the jar and right in front of me, he dumped the contents onto a tray and started looking for the pieces… “I can’t find all the parts. How pregnant were you?” He yelled at me! “If you get an infection it’s not my fault.” Then he turned the machine back on and vacuumed some more. That was worse than the first time.

When I left, I stopped at the desk and asked for my tissue donation consent form back because I wanted to rip it up. They told me, “It’s too late, we don’t have it anymore.....

“My abortion wasn’t quick and wasn’t painless, and I wasn’t fine. I’m still not fine. It has been very hard to watch the Planned Parenthood videos. I want to look away, but I won’t let myself,” Nancy said, expressing her feelings in response to the undercover videos.

“To know that Planned Parenthood is still doing this and still getting away with it – it makes me so angry. It’s not for good; it’s for money.”
not only is the story tragic, but there are also laws on the books that make it illegal to use donation as an incentive to abort and it's certainly unethical to make it MANDATORY.

Abby Johnson Former a PP director said under oath that the consent forms they used were not clear at all. they were generic. And the consent forms made no mention of changing of proceeders to get certain parts, which she also testified did in fact happen.
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