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Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Let's see if I just destroyed what's left of my life...

For the most part, I've worked non-business hours throughout my life...Overnights...Three 13s a week...and most recently, Tuesday through Saturday 3PM-11:30PM (2nd shift)...

At work, a 1st shift guy just left to go to another department, and either cleverly or stupidly, I stepped up to the plate to take over his shift...Sunday through Thursday 7AM-3:30PM...

...and not only that, but now someone has to take over for my old 2nd shift...I volunteered to do Fridays, so I'll be doing 6 days a week until they get some new blood...

At least Saturdays off...although I can't hang out late since I gotta be up about 5:45AM...
They want some of us nurses to switch over to 3rd shift for 3-6 weeks until they can get new hires in.
I flatly said I wouldn't do it.

I've been a 1:45-10:00p nurse at the facility where I work for 11 years now.

Nothing's going to change that.
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