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Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Let's see if I just destroyed what's left of my life...

For the most part, I've worked non-business hours throughout my life...Overnights...Three 13s a week...and most recently, Tuesday through Saturday 3PM-11:30PM (2nd shift)...

At work, a 1st shift guy just left to go to another department, and either cleverly or stupidly, I stepped up to the plate to take over his shift...Sunday through Thursday 7AM-3:30PM...

...and not only that, but now someone has to take over for my old 2nd shift...I volunteered to do Fridays, so I'll be doing 6 days a week until they get some new blood...

At least Saturdays off...although I can't hang out late since I gotta be up about 5:45AM...
They want some of us nurses to switch over to 3rd shift for 3-6 weeks until they can get new hires in.
I flatly said I wouldn't do it.

I've been a 1:45-10:00p nurse at the facility where I work for 11 years now.

Nothing's going to change that.
....don’t look for House Democrats to actually begin doing the people’s business.
They’re too busy devising ways to undermine the President.
- Trey Gowdy
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