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Default re: Coming soon - goverment to tax your car usage by the mile

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
I know this has been in the news before, but they are dragging this up again.

So, paying 60-whatever-cents per gallon of gas is no longer sufficient. They feel that driver's mileage needs to be monitored, and taxed.

I just about spewed my beverage when they try and claim it's not an additional tax.....
I'm not altogether against a newer way to pay for road construction and repair, which was the intent of the original law. As it stands now, alternative fuels get a pass on paying for road usage along with direct subsidies.

Not sure about mileage tax, however. I just don't like giving big brother too much information.

Perhaps gas taxes should be eliminated altogether and replaced with an all inclusive tax, say, a tire tax, which would make higher road users, who would use up tires at a greater rate, and alternative fuel users, which now pay nothing, contribute.
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