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Default Re: Lies, Organic Label You're Paying Extra For?

Originally Posted by mlurp View Post
Most likely the best place tobuy is your local towns Farmer's Market as most smaller farmers don't use chemicals.

But this option is limited, so one must learn to bottle and or can items which are mostly vegies. We have a Buffalo rancher who offers clean meat to the public.

And it is good and a better meat to eat. They go year around. Now not every city has a Farmer's Market so do inquire locally or call on area farmers and ask.

Best of luck........................
Buffalo meat is excellent. Both in flavor and in lean protein.

I was raised to garden organically. Spent 5 years of my youth working at an Organic farm long before "organic" was cool. Learned from the best.

I still use those lessons today. I do all the cooking at home. I cook everything from scratch, using canned and frozen goods in there lowest processed form when I cannot get fresh.

My small city lot is limited but I do have a green house addition to the small ranch style home. It provides "some" of our vegetables in winter. That said, most fresh green grocer items are relatively free of chemicals.

It is the highly processed stuff we should avoid.

Prepared pasta sauces, frozen dinners, frozen vegies or fruit side dishes with sauces, Frozen fish, Turkey, Chicken,,, which are packaged in "Vegetable Broth." Cheese food items. Anything with MSG or carrageenan is suspect.

Virtually any canned meal like SpaghettiO's Sorry Chef BoyRDee but,,, All are bad.

Cooking from fresh gives me a great source materials for the compost bin all year round. The Wife enjoys the fresh flowers I grow, (or purchase) and they all eventually go on the same pile. The green house uses the nutrition and provides solar heat to the house during the day to offset the cost of heating it during the night.

Not everyone has the opportunity to live this way. But anyone can be informed and choosy about what they purchase for consumption at home.
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