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Default Re: The GOPís Supreme Court strategy is dicey. But

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
From the sidelines, as a Libertarian, what I find interesting is that Republicans have repeatedly stated, "Obama isn't doing his job" and now they apparently don't believe that "Obama or Congress should do their job" as established by the US Constitution.

The Constitution is very explicit when it comes to filling vacancies on the Supreme Court but Republicans apparently don't believe they have any obligation when it come to either the President or the Congress in filling a vacancy.

Instead Republicans choose to take a political gamble that will cost them significantly because of the potential 4-4 split on Supreme Court decisions on already scheduled issues.

For Republicans to win they would have to win both the Presidency and retain control in the Senate and that's highly unlikely to happen. Because of the Electoral College held by Democrats the odds of the Republican candidate winning is less than 50% and with 24 of the 34 Senate seats up for election held by Republicans the odds of them retaining their four-seat advantage is very slim.

In all of this the fact is that the Constitution imposes an obligation upon both the President to fill the vacant seat left by Scalia's untimely death. Why do Republicans believe it's acceptable for them to ignore this Constitutionally imposed requirement on both the President and the Senate?

Since when should partisian politics ever take precedent over the US Constitution? "God" help America if Republicans have their way (which means were screwed because "God" has never helped America).
The Constitution is explicit that the President shall nominate a person to fill the vacancy. The Constitution also states that Congress has approval or rejection rights. Nowhere in the Constitution is any time limit on either imposed. SCOTUS can do just fine with something other than 9 judges, and has several times in the nation's history.

But again, the liberals use whatever suits the needs of the day. The current President has failed to meet the deadlines on submitting a budget several times. I've not seen any demand from the left to do so.
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