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Default Re: How Iowa Went to Cuz Instead of Trump

So it took several coin tosses for Pantsuit to beat the Socialist.

Strong candidate.

Biggest winner of the night - Rubio. He surprised everyone by almost coming in second and now has a lot of young followers and momentum.

Biggest loser of the night - Pantsuit. Even though she won it's embarrassing that it came down to coin flips to beat a nobody Socialist. Iowa was supposed to be a cake-walk for her but leading up to the election it was clear it would be close, and it was.

Sanders' loss signals the end for Bernie. He needed to win Iowa and NH to gain momentum and bring more supporters on-board. He'll still win NH but after that he's done. Hillary will smack him around Ike when Tina overcooked the pot roast. Sanders desperately needed to take the first two states to send a message but came up short.

So long, Bernie. Your insane Socialist ramblings were interesting.

Not an accurate representation of a white person.
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