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Default Re: Rancher dies in shootout with deputies planning to kill bull

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
First and foremost the owner failed to properly confine the animal in the first place because the bull was on the road and caused an accident (that could have killed someone).

Next is the fact that law enforcement is mandated with the responsibility to protect the public safety first and foremost in these situation. They have to either remove the bull from the highway or kill it because it had already established that it represented a threat to the public safety.

Finally, regardless of why the owner of the bull had a rifle, to threaten the officers in any manner with a firearm was pure stupidity because the officers will respond with deadly force if threatened with deadly force.

Time to blame the owner because the owner of the bull was solely responsible for all that followed including his own death.
You may want to back away from the computer long enough to look up the principle of "open range". The rancher had fences but bulls do jump fences.
The rancher is not to be faulted because the bull managed to get out. When you drive ranch roads avoiding live stock is YOUR responsibility. That the rancher was carrying a rifle is to be expected. He was prepared to dispatch the animal if HE (the owner) determined it necessary. As he prepared to do just that his back was turned to the officers. They were not threatened.

There must be a lot more to this story than is being reported.
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