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Default Re: True Conspiracies...

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
The Georgia Guidestones lay out the ruling elite's plan for humanity, including reducing the population to under 500,000,000. index @ website

If you read through the plans, you'll see that the UN's Agenda 21 fits right in with them. What Is Agenda 21? After Watching This, You May Not Want to Know | Video |
the Georgia Guide stones are weird and sorta disturbing.
but who put them up is a speculation. and any direct connections are mainly guesses at this point.

But Agenda 21 however, that is a real multi national open "conspiracy" or better said working plan to remove people from land all over the earth and urbanize the human population.

the stated reasons are for environmental good and human well being.
but it obviously implements draconian land use and living area laws. and consolidates power into unelected Mutli national groups, and makes people sheep to be by law herded by gov't into urban pens of gov't design. FOR a START.

it's a very bad agenda that is right now being put into play by "recommendations" to state and local gov'ts who put the teeth to the agenda 21 regulations.

It's all wrapped in "saving the earth" speak so it doesn't look like the orwellian mess that it really is.
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